Solution to Serial Cheating: Change the Rules

So you’re playing a game with someone who loves to break the rules? Maybe they are just defiant in nature, maybe they’re passive aggressive or heaven-forbid, they are fucking chaotic neutral. Either way, how do you win a game against a cheater?

There are some people who will do anything to win, and that includes cheating if the end result is the same. It’s Machiavellian in nature, and it’s destructive in its course.

How do you win a game against someone who loves to cheat? Who will do anything to win?

What are the rules of the Monogamy?

*Monogamy* game board.

No one wants to play with him, he’s a cheater.

There’s a power dynamic there, what exactly is cheating doing?

I wanted him to feel something for me, I wanted him to be mad at me to show me that he loved me. Ultimately, I wanted him to love me more than he did, and so I did something to show him I was valuable, and that he loved me more than he thought. I wanted him to regret everything he did to me, and show him what it was like to hurt.

In my mind, the outcomes were equal. He was paying attention to another woman, then me fucking another guy would be equal. Why? Because me simply talking to another guy didn’t hurt him as much as him talking to another woman hurt me. I had to level the playing field.

In my mind, I already saw him as a cheater, so I cheated too. I wanted to make him jealous, because I thought jealousy meant that he loved me. If he wasn’t possessive and jealous over me, then he didn’t love me enough. His love for me should consume him, and I should have been the center of his world. I wasn’t, and so I fucked him by fucking other guys. You’ll love me, damn it. That’s why I told him as soon as I did it and I knew he wouldn’t break up with me over it. I just wanted to hurt him.

If I thought he was truly going to break up with me over it and I wanted to be with him, why would I tell him?

Monogamy is an easy contract to break, it’s the weakest form of a relationship there is. All you have to do is kiss another person and the contract is broken and the person is free to leave. How weak is that?

But what if it required more for me to leave you? What if the bar was raised higher?

Social contracts and games.

Monogamy removes the ability for a person to choose you. It’s literally a leash. That’s why they call it being “tied down.” Dogs don’t even need leashes, but people believe they do. People don’t even trust dogs not to run away, that’s how much fear they have in their relationship.

You can completely control someone without a leash, and you don’t have to give them harsh contracts or stipulations either. That’s why they do what they do. Who wants to feel trapped in that? A person should have the ability to fuck whoever they want and then be in a relationship with whoever they want.

Stop trying to own people and you wouldn’t lose them.

You know what I hate about people who pick flowers for their loved ones? It’s a representation of everything wrong with society’s views on relationships.

Instead of letting the flower bloom and flourish in its natural state, instead of just observing it for what it is, humans have decided they would rather own it for the day or two that it remains living, and watch it die, instead of seeing it beautifully how it is. Don’t fucking pick flowers. Leave them to be beautiful on their own. Humans can’t own beauty, they can’t own love, they just… can’t.

The men who see you’re not trying to own them, are going to be the ones who pursue you. People don’t want to be owned. They’re not fucking property. Jesus christ. What even is marriage?