Boys in Blume

It’s interesting when you find the right person for you, because in your attempts to impress them, you literally just fulfill your desires and what it is you set out to do. Knowing that it ultimately is what you want, and it’s what they want from you.

That’s what a good match is. [How the fuck did I just forget his name like that?]

My brain really got fucked up from the food I think.

But anyway, yeah.

He’s into plants and shit, that’s why he likes Karina, but little does he know, my whole goal was to be a gardener, that’s what my business is. A nursery. BLUME LABS. Research lab. Botany. Applied to physics and neuroscience.

Thanks for reminding me. And you’ll actually be interested in doing it haha! That’s amazing too. I remember asking that from Mario and he was like “nah” haha. Jason really is perfect for me right now. Whatever.