[Cheesecake is only good cold.]

And I think this is where I differentiate myself. I don’t use social media or dating apps. I don’t use pron much either, so I think my attachment to people in the way that’s natural, is still there.

But even beyond this, I studied FOMO (Paradox of Choice) in my Econ undergrad, and realized from studying Economics a significant cost/benefit analysis of being in a relationship and what it would take. People’s inability to delay gratification, their addiction to technology and their collective self-absorption keep them from forming proper relationships with people. Men want love just as much as women, but have detached from it through porn usage, causing compulsive masturbation antics, which reduce their desire to seek companionship. Underneath all of this, is the motivator to fuck. That’s it. Emotions heighten it, but social media and overexposure has rewired people’s brains.

Not only do they have this pleasure-seeking mindset, but they are so wrapped up in pleasure, they have forgotten what pain even feels like or that pain can actually feel good. Do you know why I call myself Blue so much? Is because I want people to remember, remind themselves, that pain is part of feeling good. What is pleasure without pain? What is dark without light?

People have these warped views of themselves, because celebrities warp reality all the time. Instead of addressing your flaws, you get surgery. Instead of addressing your emotional baggage, you get surgery. What do I mean by surgery?

Well, what’s it mean to rewire your neurotransmitters artificially? Is that not a type of surgery? It’s the equivalent of emotional botox, and what I see are a bunch of plastic people living on a fucking Plastic Beach. Styrofoam deep-sea landfill and automated computer speech.

People will connect with others once they connect to themselves. But people would rather take the easy way out and connect to WiFi.

What this virus has done, is infected people’s software. Their operating systems are all corrupted. Who the fuck is going to fix this? I can’t find life on earth anymore.