Fatal Attraction

I met this guy a few months ago, we hung out a few times and then my life started to get a bit unpredictable.

Here’s some backstory: I’ve been on the East Coast since March when my flight was cancelled back to the West coast. I could have picked up another flight, but decided to move on over. So, I’m over here with no friends at first, and it’s Covid so like even the prospect of making friends has been hard (I didn’t have social media at the time either, all of my accounts were empty/parked).

I start sending out messages on meetup subreddits to find people. I was looking for someone to make music with as I wanted to record an album before I went back to school in the fall.

Okay, so I meet this guy in May. We get really close really fast. I mean the first night we talk until like 8 in the morning or something. I’m not new to connections like this, and I know it doesn’t mean much of anything, but I did enjoy how comfortable I felt around him immediately.

We fool around, sex is amazing. He said some shit about being good at it and all that. Here’s where it starts getting fucked up and I should have paid attention to the narrative he was pushing on me.

One day we’re talking and he wants me to send him pics, sure. I send him like a shit ton of pics live-action (which I thought was pretty fun btw!) and then I ask him to send me ONE pic. Literally just one and he responds with “you’re obsessed.”

Okay I blew that off, but I was like “Who is this guy calling me fucking obsessed like what just for asking for a dick pic? Just say you didn’t want to take the goddamn pic man.”

I’m still looking for a place to settle down on the East coast, so I move up north just for the apartment reservation to fall out, and the subletter to kick me out with less than 48 hour notice. I had nowhere to go immediately, because I couldn’t afford a hotel until next paycheck so what do I do? I ask this guy if I could stay with him.

NOW I’m gonna be straightforward here. I did develop feelings for him and I admittedly wanted to have sex with him a lot, so he was the first person I thought of asking. He also was the only person I knew in the state at the time. Okay, he says no.

I search frantically for another place to live, sending applications through craigslist. The only response I get back within a reasonable timeframe (remember, I had to find a place fast, and I had basically no money yet) happened to be in this guy’s city. I don’t tell him, because he already thinks I’m “obsessed” with him, but I get the shit I have and go to the house I was supposed to rent.

Come to find out, it’s a scam. I call my sister and am like “Dude, I’m in this city. All of the shelters are closed. I don’t know where to go.” My sister says, “Call [that guy]
and I say “No, I can’t” and she eventually convinces me to call him.

We talk on the phone for a bit, and I was too afraid to even tell him that I was stranded at an abandoned house with nowhere to go, so we end the conversation.

That night, I sleep outside the abandoned house, and it’s like pouring fucking rain. I put all my stuff in the backyard and of course it’s ruined. Yeah, fuck. I still don’t call this guy.

The next morning I’m legit exhausted, and so I go to a CVS to charge my phone and find another place to stay. No luck yet, so I have to sleep outside again. That night, I decide, okay, fuck it I’m going to go to his house because I really am tired and just want to take a shower.

So, I’m headed over to his house (yeah it was walking distance, I swear to god I didn’t choose this shit it was just happening), and I knock on the door. He doesn’t answer, someone else does. He’s not home. This was like… in June.

I go back to my stuff and come to find out the cops took it because the neighbors were concerned about someone being on the property. (I had talked to the neighbors the night I showed up and they told me no one has lived in this house for years, so they knew I was being fucked over, yet still called the cops idk what that was about.)

Great. Now I have to stay in that damn city for the weekend until the cops come.

There’s a vigil/rally happening that weekend and I’m so fed up and angry at the police department for seizing my shit without even talking to me, that I try to do some sort of protest/freestyle at the stand. Fuck it, right? It was a BLM movement thing and I wanted to make some sort of contribution. I also have this deep-seeded desire to be famous, so like I wanted recognition.

That night I was able to get some funds to get a uber and move to another place. Finally. I stay at this airbnb for the month of June, writing songs on my bass (he fucking suggested I buy a bass so we could make music together, btw) about what was happening to me. At this time I decided to stop messaging the guy because he said he wanted to focus on himself and all that, and I respected that.

So I started putting the songs online, actually really proud of myself because I had never recorded music and put it online before and some of the songs were about our encounters (I’m talking like 4 out of the 27 I had uploaded at the time). He finds the website and then tells me to take my shit down because I mentioned revealing information about him and it was an invasion of his privacy.

I agreed with that to an extent, but I took the music down. To be fair, no one really knew about this account, but I made a donation to a linked account and he found me there. Like wtf, I didn’t even expect him to find it ever because I never sent that shit to him or anyone.

Fair enough, so here I am taking the shit down and we have sort of a discussion about it, I’m like “damn I feel bad I don’t want him to think poorly of me” and I was still also pretty happy about my music.

Anyway, a month passed and it’s time for me to move out of the airbnb back south to where I wanted to go to school. I set up an arrangement with some woman and was getting all of my stuff to meet. I go to see my room and she bails at the last minute saying “I don’t want to live with a musician because of the noise” and I’m like… wtf. WHAT.

I end up stranded AGAIN, having to find a place at the last minute, and with Covid all of this shit is shut down. I book an airbnb and the person says they’re not taking guests, but yet the transaction went through and I lost all the money I had for a room.

Sigh. So I’m sleeping outside again. AGAIN. I call this guy up because I’m like fuck this. I ask him if I could sleep on his floor or if he knew someone who could host me. I don’t know what’s going on in his mind, but like… whatever. He seems to think I want to live with him and takes me asking for help as something incredibly personal. Like no I just legit need a place to stay so I can stop sleeping outside.

I figured it’s time for me to get on social media, because not having any contacts in this state I realized was contributing to this problem. I start with his social media and just add anyone else connected. I did it because of proximity, figuring I could meet someone who could help me and still be close.

WITHIN LIKE 10 MINUTES, he messages me talking about “why are you following all of my friends on social media” and I’m like “fucking I don’t know anyone in this state!!!!!!!” 10 MINUTES. WHY IS HE GOING THROUGH MY GODDAMN FOLLOWING LIST IN THE FIRST PLACE.

You know what’s so fucked up about it? He ASKED ME to follow him when we first met, but I told him I didn’t use social media and that the accounts were inactive.

So now we have another conversation, and he’s basically like stop revolving your life around me or some shit. And I’m like ??? Fuck off how about you sleep outside in this humid ass fucking weather with no friends while the police department takes all of your shit then tell me about livelihood.

So anyway, I apologize again and I don’t talk to him. Now it just seems like he contacts me just to tell me to stay away from him, pushing the narrative of me following him or something.

Alright, so it’s now August, and we last talked in early July. I make a post telling someone to tell him to call me. I’m not sure if he has me blocked on the phone but he knows I follow him on this social media shit, so whatever.

I end up not paying attention to my phone for a bit, and come back to like… 20+ missed calls. LEGIT who the fuck DOES THAT.

I send him a voicemail telling him that I love him and that I’m sorry.

He calls me back later telling me to stop harassing him.

What the fuck.

But you just called me like a couple dozen fucking times?

Hi pot, meet the goddamn kettle.