Maad TV was an autobiographical drama I created to study the mind under various substances in order to understand mental derangement. Seasons 1-3 are available on This scene was recorded while I was under the influence of two tabs of acid and a handful of mushrooms. It is easier to see the visualizations when you are also under a similar state of intoxication, however, it is a very unstable and terrifying state and I do not recommend anyone try this at home.

Reality when tripping acid seems to be melting, and the everyone’s masks fall off. The people who are clearly Good or clearly Evil are easier to identify, and the ones who straddle the fence, tend to reveal shape-shifting behavior. I haven’t developed a proper theory of what these projections mean, and what they are saying similarly about my own neural anatomy under the influence but I believe this will be understood with better technology at a later date.

I’m targeting both psychopathy and sociopathy in this scene, and feel I was able to act out both properly.

Method acting, anyone who practices such a thing, requires a person to be so strongly connected to their own identity, lest their being morph into the character they become. I believe this happened to Heath Ledger and Anthony Hopkins, alongside Eminem and others in media, but this is only speculation.

One way to tap into these characters is to intoxicate the brain and cause a dissociation, and then swap the person’s ego-identity. This all revealed how harmful these drug substances are, and how they can be used to reprogram someone’s mind. We’ve seen such examples in movies, I believe The Winter Soldier is one of them and one could make a case for drug-induced psychotic breaks for weaponized humans. This is a very dark place, and I don’t know why it’s part of my mind at all, but if we are all connected, experiencing a self-similar type existence, then it is part of everyone else’s mind too, and that’s what makes it more scary.

I am but a reflection of you. If you find these videos uncomfortable or offensive, I suggest you meditate on what could be stirring up such discontent, and seek professional help.