We have been eating a plant-based diet since youth, and the rates of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, depression, and psychosis continue to increase.

Since childhood, we were told that plants were the way to cardiovascular health, that they are clean, and that you must eat 8-11 servings of them a day.

We were told that we need fiber to keep us healthy.

…that was the start of the pyramid scheme.

[Insert Plant Picture]

Notice that plants are the base of the pyramid. Grains, breads, cereals, donuts, cookies.


We have always eaten plant based.

So why are we still unhealthy? Why are people more suicidal and depressed than ever before? Why is the cancer rate now 1 in 2?

Precious resources (meat and fat) were saved for the top of the pyramid, as if they were rare jewels only to be consumed sparingly. Or that they were only reserved for the people who can afford them.

You are sick because you are plant-based, eating like a poor commoner.

You pay hundreds of dollars, millions of units of energy, to eat food that kills you.

To achieve perfect health and omniscience, to remove the shackles of dietary slavery, you must eat animals. You will never reach the top of the pyramid otherwise.