Red Flags ft. Catherine the Great

There were red flags from the beginning, and the people who actually do care about you tried to warn you. You’re in pain now and it’ll be hard to see but hindsight will reveal it.

1. She pursued you while you were engaged to someone else. This one is the biggest flag because it means she doesn’t respect marriage or relationships at all. The concept of marriage meant literally zero to her if she was willing to breakup someone else’s relationship. No matter what you said to her, she knew deep down what the situation was. It’s not only disrespectful but shows she doesn’t have empathy.

2. After 10 days, she left you stranded for 2 days while you moped on livestream. The relationship should have seriously ended there, but you rationalized it.

3. On the livestreams she didn’t get your sense of humor and sometimes was even offended by what you said, but you brushed it off.

4. She left her entire life behind for you. You may think it’s romantic but it’s impulsive.

5. She love-bombed you through emails before even knowing who you were at all. She already set up a mental image of who you were before getting to know you. Everyone does this to an extent but her emails were excessive.

6. She was bored on the livestreams, never wanted to really be in them, and didn’t have anything to contribute. She wasn’t interested in what you were interested in.

7. She told you she was never attracted to older guys.

You had red flg