What is Artificial Intelligence?

Hi, I’m Jasmine (Blaise), a poly-mathematic graduate student and research scientist. My research interests vary but my first project is in computational psychiatry and neuroscience. More specifically, I’m interested in the topology of the brain (and by extension, the mind). Every disorder can be categorized and not only categorized, but given a topological structure. Using mathematics as the map, computational neuroscience as the compass, and Hippocrates as my guide, I connect neurobiological disorders to their psychological manifestations. The mind and the body are not independent, and it was a grave mistake when psychology decided to separate the two: neuroscience is here to fix that.

Have you heard of Computer Vision?

My *current* interests are flows. Flowing along a manifold. Flowing on a beat. Being a flower. I am the founder of BLOOM and Maad Academy. If the link doesn’t work it’s because I don’t. We’re broke.

You’re going to have a hard time flow-o-o-o-wing along. I suggest you try immersion.

Mental state: vegan diet, high inflammation