okay, facebook looks more like twitter so now i can speak properly.
so here’s the thing. i don’t remember who i used to be so anyone who knows me from high school especially i don’t know who that person is, but i’m not her. i’m someone else. whatever, i’ll explain that another time.
anyway, so you know i study mathematics right. well, it got to a point in my phd program where i was really wondering WHY mathematicians were doing anything at all.
some time ago, at least 2013 where i have it documented, i wanted to understand why i got everything i wanted in life. i mean really, if it wanted it, i got. no ariana.
so i started studying eastern philosophy and discovered the tao of physics. great book.
i deliberately focused on mathematical physics, because it so easily intersected with what i was interested in, so i took a manifold theory course over and over and over. i still wasn’t fluent in manifold theory, but i knew enough to interpolate/extrapolate to make conjectures about how things are governed in physics.
the first thing i did was solve navier stokes. part of this was to get back and my boyfriend for dumping me. i wanted to prove to him that i’m more intelligent than him but was pretending to be stupid so that he could like me. if i’m from african, then why aren’t i white? type shit.
okay, so i found the solution to navier stokes one night while staying in Fine Hall. Fine Hall looks like a dick, i’m not even kidding you. and i’m a hypersapiosexual.
so anyway…
i want my goddamn Fields Medal. that’s the first demand.

Mental State: vegan diet with heavy cannabis usage