Knowing that it was now or never, I took all of the remaining money I had from student loans at UW, and left for Princeton. I had only planned on visiting the school during spring break and had these classes in mind to sit on for the first week:

However, it didn’t happen. Everything went virtual and my flight back to Seattle was canceled. For the next couple of months, I started building my business and learning the in-and-outs of starting a professional corporation. That’s when I came up with the name JAS THE PHYSICIST PC.

My company started off as a brain-child under the name BLUME and even DAILITE where I wrote about

Medical science failed me. I scarred me with incurable stretch marks, discolored skin and a weakened immune system because doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

Medical science failed my family. My mother, grandmother, sister and uncle all suffering from type-2 diabetes and my grandfather dying by its hand.

Medical science failed my advisor Steve Mitchell, who died of cancer my second year of graduate school.

Diagnostic psychiatry failed me, while in graduate school I was misdiagnosed as ADHD, OCD, bipolar, and finally Asperger’s Syndrome, none of which fit. Why? How could I have went to so many specialists for so many years? Allergists, gastroenterologists, psychologists, neurologists, dermatologists… every diagnosis wrong, and every treatment making me worse, damaging my body in the process until eventually the drug treatments began to corrode my mind.

While in a psychotic state still a student at University of Washington, which I theorize was due to autoimmunity-based encephalitis, I created mAAd academy. Here is what I wrote:

I may not have any publications in any peer reviewed journals, but that didn’t stop me from writing extensive research articles, while still attending courses in commutative algebra, differential geometry and algebraic topology.

Yeah maybe I spent too much time watching House MD, Dr. Sang Suh, neurologist and psychiatrist told me that’s part of Asperger’s, and so I liked to pretend that I was Gregory House, escaping from the pain caused by the collective ignorance of current medical science.