I’m starting to feel better, my stomach isn’t cleared out completely but I am starting to feel that coldness that happens. I lost two pounds since yesterday, which is encouraging. Actually, if you think about it the rate at which the body loses fat when in an energy deficit is kind of a lot. 2 pounds of fat a day? Until when?

Maybe some people lose 2 pounds of fat a day depends on their energy requirements. Someone like me can lose that much a day because I’m very large, just like people who are obese can lose like 10 pounds a day or something.

Hm, I know I’m fat for my height. I may land within the BMI range, but I’m overweight. It’s not really a concern of vanity (though it is) as much as it is, I can see what’s happening to my body because my weight is too high.

For one thing, my knees are shot. There was fat depositing around my knees that shouldn’t take long to clear once the body taps into it. Stretch marks of course, but I get them from just having dry skin in general. Discoloration from enhanced blood flow to fat areas, and something I’d like to call the butt flap. Some may find this to be aesthetically pleasing but I think it’s symptom of too much fat on my ass. The cellulite obviously doesn’t help it, and also the hyperpigmentation from the heat and friction. My legs feel hot, that’s another indicator that I’ve put on too much weight in some area.

Yes, there is objective beauty just like there is objective health. The problem people have is that they confuse objective with standard. People are trying to standardize beauty, not objectify it. Everyone has an objectively beautiful version of themselves, literally everyone. What’s happening in society right now is that people are attempting to find it, but are inappropriately inferring with biochemical processes. For example, fat transfers in theory should reject. I’d put them on the level of organ transplants, and while there isn’t an immediate immune system failure, there is something to be said about various types of fat in various areas.

As a kid I always wanted to transfer the fat from my thighs to my breasts, and I thought about this for years. But I believe we can use viral structures (probably some sort of puzzle fit topologically) to recode how a person grows in various parts. Yeah, I’m actually sure of this.

That’s one benefit of all this budding virology research, is that we will have the biochemical tools to augment without invasive surgeries. This is going to say money on equipment, healing, and a hell of a lot of other things.

I’ll admit it to myself here, that I’ve slipped back into a period of non productivity so my research and theories have been lacking. It’s also a bit of mental exhaustion, as I’ve been trying to push virology research since 2017, and constructed a theoretical lab and all of that, and really am tired of fighting for my right to practice in this lab. Eh, forgive me, I tend to be more dramatic on extended fasts.

– Blume, MD, PhD

Mental state: at least 5 days extended fast, autophagy increase