Hi, I’m Jas.

I’m a mathematician and research scientist who likes to experimentally study mathematical physics.

I have aspirations of getting a Nobel Prize in Physics and in Medicine. I know it’s a stupid goal, or worse it’s pretty delusional, but I enjoy solving puzzles that help humanity. I’m also going for the Millenium Prize in Mathematics, so you’ll see me talk about the Hodge Conjecture a lot.

I’ve always liked topological manifolds, so I hope one day I can show you how cool they are too.

Feel free to chat with me on a livestream or join us at BLUME LABS.

Enjoy your stay.

Published by Jas, the Physicist

My current interest is flows: flowing on a beat, flowing along a manifold, flows on the electromagnetic spectrum, flow curves, flows of a vector field, the flow of time, time as currency, the flow of electrons: currency, like electric currents, electric daisies, current interest rates, current events, swimming against the current, fluid flow, flux and divergence... you know... flowers.