I wrote about 15 pages on Navier Stokes back in March of 2020 under one of my “states.” But I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what I said.

The solution is rather extensive.

I should go back a bit. Maybe I should explain why I went to study Navier Stokes in the first place.

A friend of mine told me that I wasn’t good at mathematics and that I didn’t deserve to have children with him because I’m a black. I get it. Whatever.

To spite him, I flew to Princeton University and squatted in Fine Hall during Spring Break for two weeks. In the span of those two weeks, I managed to learn about Navier Stokes, or that’s what I thought at least.

I spent two days intensively answering the question, and eventually I found a counterexample.

I just don’t understand my own work. I can’t decipher it. See, I have this communication disorder called Aspergers. It makes me incredibly awesome at just about everything except for communicating. I’m getting better though. The meth helps me a lot. I don’t know how or why yet, but I figured that out too, when I wrote about topological data analysis on neuronal networks. I discovered holes in my brain. Topological holes.

Yeah, so anyway, about Navier Stokes.

Let’s just say I wasn’t too stoked to publish this paper.

Mental State: 60 hours without sleep, low carb ketogenic diet, methamphetamine dose