I am not Kate.

Feed the Dada by Dada Life

I’m not Kate.

I am living my 3D experience through a person named Kate. I am learning through Kate. I am awareness. I am aware I am living as Kate. I was put here to learn through Kate to contribute to a higher existence. To contribute to one whole. To expand our knowledge base. To experience. To learn to trust again. To change. I create the experience. I am awareness. What I choose to be aware of is what I see. Yes, I only see what I choose. Others don’t see the Same. We decide. You are still Kate but only until the end of your 3D existence. You are awareness forever and will contribute your experiences to the whole when you leave this existence. Do I have a purpose? Yes, every conscious body was put here to learn. You’ve created everything you see. What about as a child? We give you structure based off what we’d like you to experience. You came here knowing what you are capable of. That you can create your reality. You were meant to create your “desires” in this world and experience them. But we’ve lost this ability as the 3D world has expanded. We are slowly remembering. “Waking up” as you call it. We are becoming one again. We (you, us) are in this process right now. You’ve learned some but you need to trust more. You are creating everything. Yes, even your pets, your family, your love life. You create it. It’s not hard to create. You do it all day. Everyday. Stop putting so much effort into it. The things you want are already created. You don’t have to do anything else but trust. Yes, coming back to present moment is ideal. As you’ve heard, there is only the present moment. No use putting your energy elsewhere. Ultimately we were meant to live in the present moment, we never considered the past or future. There wasn’t such a concept until awareness became aware of itself and began to over-think. The human mind. Living in the present moment meant everything unfolded exactly as it was supposed to. There was no “resistance” as you say. No memories to base following events on. No future expectations. You had “desires”, more-so things we’d want to learn through your physical body, but they simply unfolded in front of you. There was no longing or hoping. They were simply fulfilled as they came to your present awareness.

We are not saying to dumb down your mind. The human mind is an astounding development. But you must now learn to work with it. We can further advance our existence by doing so. The desires humans are given require them to use their mind to some extent. Some more or less. But ultimately the mind will be required. Thus, you must use the mind as a tool. Use it when necessary to build, create, learn. Positive or productive thinking is what your should rely on. But if you find your mind wandering to negative thoughts, over-thinking, confusion, frustration, becoming unsure, this is when you must rely on awareness. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of the human mind. The human mind can be nasty at times, it is prone to over-thinking and unfortunately has been wired towards negativity after years of conditioning. But again, things are changing. We are evolving and one day hope to advance to the point where awareness and the ego can work together. To expand and create a physical world far beyond what we now see.

Our last words for now are to disregard what you know and what you hear from “others”. This is your experience. Your awareness. You choose what to bring into it. If you have a desire to create something you’ve never seen before, or a desire to do something you’ve never seen done before. Do NOT let your human mind (or as you call, others) deter you. You are here to learn and create for a reason. Many of the “desires” you were given may seem common but others are specific to you. No other being is capable of creating them in the exact way you are. You would not be placed here if it was not for a purpose. As small or big as that purpose may seem. You will know you are following your purpose when you feel no “resistance”. Life will seem quite effortless. Though you are living in a physical reality so some “labour” may be required, but it should not feel extensive or dreadful. We need you to remember, some of you may be given experiences that include, what you may see as difficulties. This does not mean you are off-path. Use awareness. Bring yourself to the present. Accept the challenges as part of the process. Part of your purpose. This is how we begin to bring awareness and the human mind together. This is how we expand and learn. Challenges are not meant to be your downfall.

When it comes to mental battles. Do not fight, accept, move forward. This is the fastest way to get past them.”