The B-Vitamins are a Complex

It seems like a simple enough concept, but I’m not sure I internalized this entirely. The B-Vitamins work in a complex, meaning they work together, and ONLY work together. If you take an isolated B-vitamin, the body will discard it.

Am I right about this? Or is this another one of those hunches that I have?

I don’t think the B-Vitamins are the only Complex either.

The highest concentration of B-Vitamins (as a Complex) are found in liver.

Oh boy. Folate is vitamin B-9.

But what happens if a food is missing any one of the b-vitamins, does that mean it works inefficiently? And what is inefficiency if not a loss of energy, and where does the body dump water-soluble vitamins? In the stool? No. Through the urinary system which comes directly from the filter of the blood. Something tells me the integumentary system functions as a backup urinary system when the urinary system is backed up. But the urinary system can only be backed up if the blood is too dirty, and if the blood is too dirty, it’s cross-contaminated with something…

I read recently that the intestines are technically outside of the body, in that the insides of the intestinal tract should never come in contact with the surrounding organs, but all of the organs are sort of partitioned off this way. The reason why it’s so important for the intestinal tract is that your body is in a constant state of detoxification.

If you are overwhelmed or backed up, you don’t detox properly. The word “overwhelmed” could mean that one of your organs is failing, your blood is inflamed, your cells are inflamed, there is a leak in your tube (leaky gut), you don’t have enough white blood cells to fight off infection caused by toxicity, you don’t have enough red blood cells to energize the other organs, or you don’t have enough b-vitamins to create more cells in general. The body runs on blood. The first thing you need to clean is your blood. But if your blood is being infected by the hole in your garbage disposal (the intestines), there is going to be a lot of resistance in the form of disease.

Which organ is the body prioritizing keeping clear in an animal whose program (or hardest task they’ve been assigned) is to reproduce? The reproductive organs.


And this is a huge but…

BUT something else is happening.