What’s a supertaster?

I think the actual definition of a supertaster is someone who can sense the chemical components of their food. I remember seeing a video by Unnatural Vegan claiming she was a supertaster, and maybe she is, but I also think she just doesn’t like the taste of her food.

I can smell the ammonia in sweat and semen. I can taste the potassium in a banana, an avocado and some starches, but not many. I can smell when the air is infected with mold. I can smell if someone owns a cat. I can hear sounds that others can selectively block. I can taste the b-vitamins in my food. I can taste beta-carotene in bell peppers. By the way, vitamin A is yellow, beta-carotene is orange. So they can’t be the same molecule – compound. The difference between a molecule and a compound is that a molecule is a multiple of the same atom. A compound is multiples of different atoms.

O is an atom. O_2 is a molecule. CO_2 is a compound.

To me that is a supertaster. I can somehow taste atoms.

Imagine how crazy-making that must be.

The exact cause of heightened response to taste in humans has currently not been elucidated. A review found associations between supertasters and the presence of the TAS2R38 gene, the ability to taste PROP and PTC, and an increased number of fungiform papillae.[8]

In addition, it’s also hypothesized that environmental causes are likely to play a substantial role in sensitive taste. The exact mechanisms by which these may act are still unknown.[9][10] An evolutionary advantage for elevated taste sensitivity is also unclear. In some environments, a heightened taste response, particularly to bitterness, would represent an important advantage in avoiding potentially toxic plant alkaloids. However, an increased response to bitterness may limit approach behavior for a range of palatable foods.

No offense, but Unnatural Vegan is a strictly herbivorous eater. She lives on plant alkaloids. But again, I don’t know anything. This is only a blog, reader. I’m just an ignorant blogger.

I tested positive for these allergens: wheat, rye, barely, sweet potato, almonds, strawberries, bananas, celery, watermelon, raspberries, some species of trees including birch.

Oh I just remembered I can taste sulfur. That’s an easy one I suppose. But I could taste the sulfur in onions as it relates to the sulfur in testosterone. I ate a raw goat testicle, was able to taste the sulfur and then concluded that sulfur was needed to increase testosterone.

Just one minute ago I found this study: https://file.techscience.com/uploads/attached/file/20200922/20200922061441_23480.pdf

In 2020, after smelling raw egg, I decided that it was good for my hair, so I started applying it to my scalp. Then I looked up the active ingredient in selsun blue, because they smelled so similar to me and I knew whatever was in abundance in those egg whites were also in Selsun Blue. What’s that common element: selenium.

If I’m coming to conclusions that researchers are also concluding just by tasting elements in certain foods, that has to be supertasting.

I told you Jas, I’m a physicist. I’m just that good. 🙂