Why if I’m intelligent do I look slow to other people?

Time is not linear, it is circling around itself. But now you’re going to have to figure out what she meant by Time. Are you listening? It is circling around itself. That’s not the same as saying time is a loop. It sort of is, but now you have to determine its codomain dimension.

I seem to link this TikTok I created when I was tripping on acid, because it was the last time I would use drugs to reach an understanding of time itself. I have said many times to you that I am completely sober now, there is nothing else for me to discover, only to implement and translate what I have found. This is the hard part. Discovery was the easy part. I was always going for the easy way out with the drugs, and sure, I self-realized while I went on that trip that night, but I wasn’t in my normal state of mind, so it was lost.

At least for me, I recorded it. Other scientists didn’t have this technology, so you’re seeing my thoughts progress and substantiate as they refine. It will go from in-sanity, where only I can discern my inner-logic, to sanity, where everyone will soon be able to see what I saw.

That is at least the goal. This where my conclusion was lost in translation.

I was not happy that night. Not at all, and if you see my physical state, you will see my mind was in a place I never want to return to again. I only hope it was all worth it.