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On Giving Unsolicited Advice
Perceptions and Illusions
Batman is the Real Villain
Carb-Induced Mood Swings
Law of Attraction (Telekinesis)
Raw Egg Yolks and Protein Denaturation
Lipid Metabolism and Skin Hydration
Sulfur and Testosterone
Diet, Ethics and Morality
Energy and Calories
The Urinary System and Kidney Filtration
Menstruation and Fertility
Cholesterol, Cancer and Vitamin D
Lactobacilli and the Colon
The Theory of Relativity
Time and Growth (Wisdom Teeth)
Cellular Respiration (Banach-Tarski Paradox)
Seasonal Autoimmune Flares
Pottenger’s Cats – Raw vs Cooked Food Experiment
On Intuitive Eating
An Interpretation of Pregnancy Cravings
Why You Cheat (Emotional Malnutrition)
The Role of the Liver and Blood Detoxification
Milk, Stem Cells and IGF-IV
What is the function of the appendix?
Should human rights extend to animals?
What makes the Impossible Burger?
Plant Matter and the B-Vitamins
Chickpeas are not chicken!
Goitrogens and the Cabbage Patch Kids
What is Money?
Vitamin E and Antioxidation
Skin as an Endocrine Gland
What is Endometriosis?
Early Signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis
What is Time?
Comparing Human Suffering to Animal Suffering (What is Time Part 2)
Insects are Animals
The Lymphatic System and the Heart Chakra
The Urinary System and the Chakral Chakra
What is Mucous? (the Immune System)
Ketosis vs Starvation
Pregnancy Duration and Prematurity
The Brain, Nervous System and Third Eye Chakra
The Respiratory System and the Throat Chakra
Vitamin A vs Beta-Carotene
NaCl and Nervous System Activity
Food is Information
Pineapple Enzymes and Hyperpigmentation
Miscarriage, Infertility and Red Blood Cells
Hair Loss Post-Pregnancy
What is Momentum?
Bipolar Disorder as Type IV Diabetes

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