I don’t believe in those kind of soulmates.

A soul mate, you may be thinking, is someone who is uniquely defined to match you perfectly and nothing bad ever happens and you run away happily ever after and life is bliss and eternally peaceful. That’s probably what you think I think a soul mate is too.

A soul mate is type of person whose mind frequency resonates within a specific range that matches yours. It’s a type of neurosensitivity.

With this neurosensitivity, you end up perceiving a lot of life the same way. The way you interact and interpret people is the same, the way you notice how someone speaks or write is the same (within some margin of error), etc. [Needs to be explained more.]

They literally are on your same wavelength, since neurosensitivity is simply how short your eletromagnetic radiation length is.

Maybe you don’t know what electromagnetic ration is. Here’s the quick and dirty: everything is a wave, or a particle, or a wave? And waves have wavelengths.

Electromagnetic radiation is simply this ____

But the thing is, the nervous system being an electrical system, also has its own electromagnetic field, with individual frequencies corresponding to people’s neurosensitivities.

Take light for example, it basically is defined by what the human eye can perceive. It is the minimal threshold of something perceieved by the human eye. Well, humans are pretty limited in their senses. That’s why we invented cameras to perceive images better than we can, have pets such as dogs to perceive scents better than we can, created microwaves to perform things better, etc. Humans continuously outsource the limitations of our senses through various inventions.

Okay, do you believe me now that humans have frequencies? Autists, for example, are highly neuro-sensitive. Bipolars and BPDs, also highly neuro-sensitive. You ever play a FPS (first-person shooter), and adjust your controllers sensitivity? There are people who play this Game of Life with a sensitivity of +9, not by choice of course. This makes life kind of hard if the average is like… 0… right?

A soulmate is someone who matches the sensitivity of the controller (your mind) you play on. So when you move slightly to the right with your controller, they move in unison with you. When you move your head slightly to the left, when you move a *thought* slightly to the left, they can pick up on it, because that input would also register with a certain magnitude in their mind.

This matching is important, because it covers all forms of non-verbal communication that pretty much make up all of existence. Words, language, is relatively new and is more so than anything else a buffer or a nerf depending on who the player is.

When you met your soul mate, what was one of the firs things you noticed? That you didn’t have to say much at all. Or at least, that should be one of the first things you notice, because you are on the same wavelength, it’ll be nearly telepathic. Well, actually, it *is* telepathy.

Why then do I say that life is meaningless? Because if the way you perceive reality is never verified in reality, if you are screaming into a cave and there is no echo, then your reality is never confirmed. You can play that whole Cogito Ergo Sum game all you want, but you don’t simply exist because you think, because what is reality at that point? All of your thoughts can’t be reality, because you are literally *a part* of reality. What you need, is a mirror. Something to show you who you are externally so you verify who you are internally.

That’s what a soul mate is. They will be able to match you on every frequency that is your threshold, thus verifying and consecrating every in of reality you have. They validate your existence within this life. The assure you that you’re not fucking insane, since you cannot do this on your own.

4 responses to “I don’t believe in those kind of soulmates.”

    1. Has he seen your videos from your deleted youtube channel?

      1. No, and there is no point. I used to believe that there was some sort of authenticity to my life back when I had that channel and that if I were to display my insanity publically and unapologetically that would make me more likeable or relatable. It didn’t pan out that way.

        My previous relationship was with a subscriber who watched all of my videos. Karma necessitated that it would be the case, but him knowing me that intimately didn’t make the relationship any better.

        That’s not to say that my past isn’t a part of me, but it’s really so irrelevant to an extent. He can see who I am now, no matter how similar it may be to before, and we live in this moment, not the moments of back then.

        Sure, it’d be fun if he saw the videos, but let me tell you I honestly don’t care much at all. It’s not even normal to see someone in time like that. I obviously didn’t attract him back then, so the persona he interacts with or engages with back then, will not reflect us now.

        1. That’s the best way to look at it. You had a post here saying you’d make blog posts with titles from a lot of your old videos. My favorite one of yours is about how we torture babies with diapers.

          Thanks for the reply!