Never Forget

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6/25/22, 5:37 PM – druid: Lol whatever
6/25/22, 5:37 PM – jasmine: What
6/25/22, 5:40 PM – jasmine: I just want to know for sure clearly: are you breaking up with me? No more ambiguous shit. Just tell me straight up so I can move on with my life.
6/25/22, 5:52 PM – druid: I need a break to figure some things out
6/25/22, 5:52 PM – druid: I don’t even understand
6/25/22, 5:53 PM – druid: Like what the fuck would you ever want from me if we stayed together
6/25/22, 5:53 PM – druid: What the fuck could I even do for you
6/25/22, 5:53 PM – jasmine: I like being around you
6/25/22, 5:53 PM – jasmine: Why do you have to do anything?
6/25/22, 5:54 PM – jasmine: I like being intimate with you isn’t that the only point of a romantic relationship? What else
6/25/22, 5:54 PM – jasmine: Like idk
6/25/22, 5:54 PM – druid: I have to steal milk lol maybe that doesn’t bother you but to me I wanna die
6/25/22, 5:54 PM – druid: Because ur just going to waste all my fucking time and energy
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – jasmine: Wtf
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – druid: Like what do you not understand
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – druid: I just can’t fucking do this
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – jasmine: What do I do?
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – druid: I don’t care go do whatever you want why the fuck are you trying to force yourself on me
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – druid: I don’t even want you around me
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – jasmine: Okay
6/25/22, 5:55 PM – druid: I’m just going to fucking let you down
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: Do you understand
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: You can’t be around me
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: So just go live your fucking life is my life isn’t in fucking shambles I’ll hit you up
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – jasmine: We had fun the last few times we were together it was great
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: But I’m about to fucking blow my head off
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – jasmine: Just go back to Quakertown wtf
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: So please leave me the fuck alone all you do is piss me the fuck off
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – jasmine: Wtf
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: I DONT HAVE MOMEY YOU DUMB BITCH
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – jasmine: Fine
6/25/22, 5:56 PM – druid: FUCK YOU
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – jasmine: Jesus christ
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – druid: HOW COULD I GET THERE RETARD
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – druid: DO YOU LIVE IN THE REAL WORLD?
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – jasmine: So you’re stressed because yourself stuck in [redact] why didn’t you just say that
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – jasmine: Like wtf
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – druid: ONFG
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – jasmine: How is this my fault
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – druid: I FUCKING HATE YOU
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – druid: ITS NOT YOU RETARD
6/25/22, 5:57 PM – jasmine: Chill it’ll be okay
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – jasmine: Everything is fine
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – jasmine: Just calm down
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – jasmine: I’ll come get you
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: GO THE FUCK AWAY I HATE YOU
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: BO
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: NO
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: GET OUT OF MY LIFE
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – jasmine: Okay
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: ILL FUCKING BLOCK YOU
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – jasmine: I’ll leave you alone
6/25/22, 5:58 PM – druid: FUCK IFF
6/25/22, 5:59 PM – druid: My life was fine before I fucking met you
6/25/22, 5:59 PM – druid: And NOTHING I put into this relationship is worth it
6/25/22, 5:59 PM – druid: To me
6/25/22, 5:59 PM – druid: Goodbye
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: How the fuck you gonna help me you wouldn’t give me $20 of milk when I’m starving
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: You’re worthless
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: You don’t care about me
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: You just want to use me
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: You don’t care what you do to my life
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: It’s just suck my blood till I wanna die
6/25/22, 6:00 PM – druid: Well I’m done
6/25/22, 6:02 PM – druid: I would actually do something if you were upset
6/25/22, 6:02 PM – druid: You just do fucking nothing just bitch and be a fucking cunt
6/25/22, 6:02 PM – druid: Don’t talk to me
6/25/22, 6:06 PM – druid: I really just hate you. You’re fucking stupid and you only care about yourself. I never been with anyone so selfish and it’s fucking horrible
6/25/22, 6:06 PM – druid: I just want it to be over forever lmfao and be alone
6/25/22, 6:06 PM – druid: Talk to me later I have to go rob some little family for milk cuz I’m fucking dying
6/25/22, 6:07 PM – druid: You know what actually don’t
6/25/22, 6:08 PM – druid: Hopefully they’d shoot me in the fucking face
6/25/22, 6:11 PM – druid: I don’t even think I told you to come see me. You sound like a fucking insane person. Like I did not want you to fucking come see me. You didn’t ask me we didn’t plan it lol.
6/25/22, 6:11 PM – druid: You just fucking forced yourself into my life
6/25/22, 6:11 PM – druid: When I didn’t want you to
6/25/22, 6:11 PM – druid: I felt bad cuz you just showed up on my doorstep
6/25/22, 6:12 PM – druid: But all the worrying about you and I can’t even FUCKING EAT RIGHT NOW
6/25/22, 6:12 PM – druid: THIS IS PURE INSANITY
6/25/22, 6:14 PM – druid: I meant drop everything and come see me… in like 2-3 months after I’m alone so I can fucking not go mental
6/25/22, 6:14 PM – druid: Okay well I’m having a completely mental breakdown so grata
6/25/22, 6:14 PM – druid: Grats
6/25/22, 6:15 PM – druid: Like idfk what else you want I’m just trying to tell you this is so over. Stop talking to me and go do whatever the fuck you were gonna do before we talked. Maybe sometime we can talk again
6/25/22, 6:15 PM – druid: But fr fuck this man if you loved me you’d actually care and you don’t
6/25/22, 6:16 PM – druid: Idk
6/25/22, 6:16 PM – druid: It just fucking sucks
6/25/22, 6:16 PM – druid: I wanna be alone for a long time after this
6/25/22, 6:16 PM – druid: I don’t want to fucking be responsible for someone else’s emotions
6/25/22, 6:17 PM – druid: I feel like I’m hurting you if I don’t tell you to leave me alone
6/25/22, 6:25 PM – druid: And like seriously. I’m just trying to saying I’m fucking miserable and I need some time alone to get my life to the point I’m not stealing my fucking food
6/25/22, 6:25 PM – druid: Like I’ll talk to u after but how do you not understand why the fuck I’m upset
6/25/22, 6:26 PM – druid: How do you not understand I need a break
6/25/22, 6:26 PM – druid: How do you not understand if you cared about me you’d give me $20 or something to eat lol.
6/25/22, 6:26 PM – druid: Idfk
6/25/22, 6:28 PM – druid: You’re doing better than me right now lol
6/25/22, 6:28 PM – druid: all you did was complain you are worried about money and shit and I’m starving and you’re fine
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – druid: A lot of good giving a fuck about you did for me
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – druid: Like fuck you
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – jasmine: I use foostamps druid
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – druid: I’m not saying I’m not responsible for how I ended up
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – jasmine: I don’t have any money. I steal everything
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – druid: But if you cared about me you’d buy me some food or something
6/25/22, 6:29 PM – druid: So u don’t care about me that’s fine but I’m out
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – jasmine: I don’t have any money. My first [redact]ycheck I’d July 4
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: Sure jas
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: Whatever
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – jasmine: I steal. Everything.
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – jasmine: I’m not exaggerating
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: You have money in ur bank account know how much I have
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – jasmine: And some random guy who was following me around town gave me gas money
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: 6 cents
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: Fuck you
6/25/22, 6:30 PM – druid: I don’t care
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: Good for you
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: Get him to take care of you cuz I don’t give a fuck anymore
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – jasmine: I’ve stolen like 1000 worth of stuff in the last week or so
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: Cool maybe you’d think you could afford to give me $20 to eat
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – jasmine: I don’t have $20 druid
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: With all the money you save from guys paying for your gas
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: You fucking retard
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: I fucking hate you lol
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – jasmine: I use my foodstamp card
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: Ok seriously
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: I’m done
6/25/22, 6:31 PM – druid: Goodbye
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – jasmine: You paid my gas last time before I started working
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – druid: Wow
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – jasmine: And i stay close to the McDonald’s to save gas
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – druid: I fucking hate you
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – druid: So much
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – jasmine: Wtf did I do?
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – jasmine: I didn’t have any money so I got a job at McDonald’s
6/25/22, 6:32 PM – jasmine: I didn’t expect to like it
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: Or be paid more than I ever was in Vegas
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: I haven’t gotten my first paycheck
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: And you know what
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: What the hell dude
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: Chill out
6/25/22, 6:33 PM – jasmine: ASK YOUR PARENTS
6/25/22, 6:34 PM – jasmine: And if you feel guilty because you ask them too much then evaluate yourself and stop blaming me
6/25/22, 6:34 PM – druid: LMFAO
6/25/22, 6:34 PM – druid: You’re the worst person ever omg
6/25/22, 6:34 PM – druid: Literally fucking horrible
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: And then I tell you to get foodstamps and you won’t even do that
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: You want to be miserable
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: And then blame me for what? I didn’t do shit
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: I told you to get the card before you went to [redact]
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – druid: I bought you fucking gas
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – druid: I didn’t have to
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: Yeah and I don’t have money STILL
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – jasmine: I still can’t get my own gas
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – druid: Lmfaooooo
6/25/22, 6:35 PM – druid: Omfg this is so funny
6/25/22, 6:36 PM – jasmine: I just use my foodstamp card
6/25/22, 6:36 PM – jasmine: Until my first paycheck
6/25/22, 6:36 PM – jasmine: How do you not understand
6/25/22, 6:36 PM – jasmine: It’s such a simple concept
6/25/22, 6:37 PM – jasmine: You think talking shit to me is going to make money magically appear or that I would even want to
6/25/22, 6:37 PM – jasmine: Why do you think abusing me is how you get what you want from me
6/25/22, 6:37 PM – jasmine: It’s always this shit
6/25/22, 6:37 PM – jasmine: Either hit me or talk shit to me
6/25/22, 6:37 PM – jasmine: Like it’s my fault you’re in the situation you’re in
6/25/22, 6:38 PM – jasmine: As if you didn’t spend your money on drugs instead of food
6/25/22, 6:38 PM – jasmine: And I told you “get a foodstamp card so you can save your money” and you didn’t
6/25/22, 6:38 PM – jasmine: Now suffer the consequences
6/25/22, 6:38 PM – jasmine: Hate me I don’t care
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – jasmine: Now you’ll be hungry alone and without me
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – druid: No jas im just unhappy being with you
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – jasmine: Okay
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – druid: I don’t want to treat you like that
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – jasmine: Then break up with me
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – druid: This just doesn’t work for me
6/25/22, 6:39 PM – jasmine: You’re unhappy in general
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – druid: N what the fuck r u talking about that’s how u r
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: It has nothing to do with me
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: No I’m not
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: People legit love being around me
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – druid: Ight
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: You do too
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – druid: Well I do t
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – druid: Don’t
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: That’s why you don’t leave
6/25/22, 6:40 PM – jasmine: If you were here I’d be stealing you food like I always do
6/25/22, 6:41 PM – jasmine: I never pay cash for it
6/25/22, 6:41 PM – jasmine: But you left
6/25/22, 6:41 PM – jasmine: So I can’t help you from here
6/25/22, 6:42 PM – jasmine: You don’t have any friends to ask?
6/25/22, 6:42 PM – jasmine: And if not, consider why
6/25/22, 6:42 PM – jasmine: You and I are exactly the same
6/25/22, 6:43 PM – jasmine: I’m not unhappy with you so I don’t leave
6/25/22, 6:44 PM – jasmine: I deal with your crazy ass moods and anger because I love you
6/25/22, 6:44 PM – jasmine: And you take your life frustration out on me and I let you because I love you
6/25/22, 6:46 PM – jasmine: Take care of yourself. That’s all I keep saying to you.
6/25/22, 6:46 PM – jasmine: I tell you over and over that I don’t need your help. I’ve said this from the beginning.
6/25/22, 6:47 PM – jasmine: Put the energy into yourself.
6/25/22, 6:47 PM – jasmine: I am fine taking care of myself.
6/25/22, 6:47 PM – jasmine: Learn to take care of YOU. That’s all you have to worry about b
6/25/22, 7:08 PM – jasmine: Get a quick job in [redact] so you can save up to leave. I’m literally doing the same thing in Quakertown
6/25/22, 7:08 PM – jasmine: I can’t leave until I get this first paycheck
6/25/22, 7:19 PM – druid: They sell lean sausage made from a little heart and liver here for $3 a pound I got super spicy that’s kinda why I like [redact] the meat is mad good here and cheap
6/25/22, 7:19 PM – jasmine: Oh
6/25/22, 7:20 PM – jasmine: That sounds pretty good
6/25/22, 7:20 PM – druid: The raw milk I stole taste amazing lol
6/25/22, 7:20 PM – jasmine: Omg
6/25/22, 7:20 PM – druid: Better than [redact] milk somehow
6/25/22, 7:21 PM – jasmine: Because it’s free
6/25/22, 7:21 PM – jasmine: Lmfa9
6/25/22, 7:21 PM – jasmine: Jk
6/25/22, 7:21 PM – druid: I’m gonna take 3 more plastic gallons and I’ll mail them like $40 or something
6/25/22, 7:21 PM – druid: But I feel so horrible without milk I feel bad tho
6/25/22, 7:22 PM – jasmine: Yeah
6/25/22, 7:22 PM – druid: I feel like I’m backed in a corner getting poked with a stick ready to kill somebody if I don’t have milk
6/25/22, 7:22 PM – jasmine: Yeah that’s survival mode and it’s not good
6/25/22, 7:22 PM – druid: And here they won’t call they cops they’ll just shoot you which is cool with me nigga
6/25/22, 7:23 PM – jasmine: 🙁
6/25/22, 7:23 PM – jasmine: Rip
6/25/22, 7:23 PM – druid: 100 times better than jail
6/25/22, 7:23 PM – jasmine: True
6/25/22, 7:24 PM – druid: I’m pretty sure they know who I am even if they do know I’m taking it
6/25/22, 7:24 PM – druid: So I think they’d feel bad for me or something n not care idk
6/25/22, 7:24 PM – druid: They gave me free milk before
6/25/22, 7:24 PM – druid: That’s why I feel bad
6/25/22, 7:25 PM – druid: I want to ask if I can work for some milk but now they are gonna know it was me stealing
6/25/22, 7:25 PM – druid: N they might get mad if they don’t know already
6/25/22, 7:26 PM – jasmine: Couldn’t hurt to ask but feel it out
6/25/22, 7:26 PM – jasmine: Trust your gut
6/25/22, 7:26 PM – druid: I was like yea sorry bro I’m totally broke and having a hard time I can’t pay for the milk my card bounced and he’s like that’s fine and gave me like 4 gallons of milk a week for a month anyway lol
6/25/22, 7:27 PM – druid: N didn’t even ask for money
6/25/22, 7:27 PM – jasmine: Wtf
6/25/22, 7:27 PM – jasmine: Wow
6/25/22, 7:27 PM – jasmine: Okay
6/25/22, 7:29 PM – jasmine: You need structure discipline and a routine
6/25/22, 7:29 PM – jasmine: That’s probably why you want to farm
6/25/22, 7:29 PM – jasmine: But anything can provide that for you
6/25/22, 7:30 PM – jasmine: And you’ll make money in no time
6/25/22, 7:30 PM – jasmine: Making money is easy
6/25/22, 7:30 PM – jasmine: Believe in yourself
6/25/22, 7:30 PM – jasmine: You have things to offer
6/25/22, 8:04 PM – jasmine: Okay I wanted to be your friend and all that but I see it’s not a good idea.
6/25/22, 8:05 PM – jasmine: I’ll miss you a lot.
6/25/22, 8:05 PM – jasmine: I’ll stay out of your way.
6/25/22, 8:06 PM – jasmine: I’m not here to tell you what to do with your life and I see you need to be away from me. I’ll do my best to be strong and not message you anymore.
6/25/22, 8:27 PM – jasmine: Sigh. Bye then.
6/25/22, 8:28 PM – jasmine: I can’t wait to fall out of love with you.
6/25/22, 8:28 PM – jasmine: It’s going to be the best day of my life. I’ll be free of this hell.
6/25/22, 8:29 PM – jasmine: All the stupid emotional abuse. You ignoring my calls when you feel like it. Hitting me. Blowing up at me.
6/25/22, 8:29 PM – jasmine: You wanted me to leave vegas the first week we talked. And I fought you on it for months.
6/25/22, 8:30 PM – jasmine: Then I finally give in but not entirely I go to Boston first
6/25/22, 8:30 PM – jasmine: And I come back
6/25/22, 8:30 PM – jasmine: I shouldn’t have that was my fault but I really liked Quakertown
6/25/22, 8:30 PM – jasmine: Why did you hurt me. Why did you ignore me and ignore my feelings. Why did you lie. Why did you never even
6/25/22, 8:30 PM – jasmine: You never even went down on me
6/25/22, 8:31 PM – jasmine: You never cared about pleasing me at all
6/25/22, 8:31 PM – jasmine: It was always about you getting off
6/25/22, 8:31 PM – jasmine: And you can say that bullshit about lasting long or whatever
6/25/22, 8:31 PM – jasmine: You probably just gave death grip youre not a sex God
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: You’re so mean to me unnecessarily
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: I don’t fucking understand it
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: And you don’t want to work you make excuses
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: And when I call you on the phone you just hang up in my face
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: There is no getting through to you
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: No
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: We aren’t taking a break
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: We are breaking up
6/25/22, 8:32 PM – jasmine: Leave me alone
6/25/22, 8:33 PM – jasmine: Never text me again. Don’t call me. Don’t look for me. Nothing.
6/26/22, 12:48 AM – druid: I’m really sorry I don’t mean to be mean to you I’m just really frustrated and I’m going to need help and I just don’t think you want to do it lol or you would be better off with somebody else idk
6/26/22, 12:49 AM – druid: I know you don’t see it that way because of your emotions but one of us has to be logical about this and I’m not doing good rn lol
6/26/22, 12:51 AM – druid: I know you say I’ll be fine but I don’t want to eat garbage food just to get by I’m fucking depressed dude and I have a lot of issues and I just don’t get it. I don’t get how you are gonna be a part of my world and how it would actually work and you would be happy and I’m sorry I don’t want to believe that but I really just think it’s true and I don’t want you to hate me for saying it but I don’t want you to slowly resent me for this either if I keep trying to make this work you won’t be happy
6/26/22, 12:51 AM – druid: It’s not just that we get along in person
6/26/22, 12:51 AM – druid: I just don’t have a future to offer you rn I don’t have 2-3 months I can make bearable for you
6/26/22, 12:51 AM – druid: And I’m sorry
6/26/22, 12:54 AM – druid: And maybe you think you would be fine but I won’t I’m not good in relationships I’m not a healthy person. I don’t want to hurt people I love anymore. I have a lot of serious problems I haven’t dealt with and I need to spend some time alone. I’m just not going to progress as a person if you are with me and I don’t think that’s a crazy fucked up thing to say when my life is going the way it’s going it’s nothing you did
6/26/22, 12:56 AM – druid: But it’s not like this has been easy for me either and I’m tired I have too much overwhelming me and I’m starting to shut down and it’s not good
6/26/22, 12:58 AM – druid: I don’t want this to be the truth but the one think I’m unable to do anymore is hold in emotions
6/26/22, 12:59 AM – druid: Unless you see yourself being chill and just showing up and helping me not kill myself, which I don’t think is gonna happen then I think you should go home when you are ready
6/26/22, 1:00 AM – druid: And I’m sorry for being angry and saying mean stuff to you but I can’t take it anymore haha
6/26/22, 1:08 AM – druid: I like you a lot as a person but I don’t feel like I’ve made this relationship with you go well to begin with. Whatever the fuck has been going on I can see I definitely don’t make you happy. I feel like there is no way I don’t fail whatever it is you want from me. n I think it’s time to stop torturing ourselves with this so we don’t have to have some giant resentment toward each other cuz I don’t want that with you either. If you hate me okay but I just can’t live with myself trying to be something I’m not and feeling like you never are really happy with me.
6/26/22, 1:09 AM – druid: You say really mean shit to me and I can’t help but lose my hope for things working out when that is what you think of me.
6/26/22, 2:02 AM – druid: I’m so fucking miserable
6/26/22, 2:02 AM – druid: Like I want to die
6/26/22, 2:03 AM – druid: I’m sure you’re upset with me I’m sorry but please like for real
6/26/22, 2:03 AM – druid: I’m at my breaking point
6/26/22, 3:18 AM – druid: That’s why I think it’s just best for me to be alone. You shouldn’t have to be emotionally dependent on someone with zero will to live lol. I get it you like me a lot and that makes me happy. Like I’ve thought about it a while and it makes me fucking sad but it’s just true. You’d be better off doing anything else and I tried but I don’t think you are gonna fix me n I’m so fucked up I can’t even fix myself so it’s just hopeless and I’m bad for you
6/26/22, 3:20 AM – druid: I might be fun for you and pretty for you but that doesn’t mean anything
6/26/22, 3:20 AM – druid: And I don’t care if you hate me it’s just true it’s better off this way
6/26/22, 3:26 AM – druid: You love me cuz of my looks and because of my passion and maybe how I think or something and I’m sure I’m a lot of fun for you to be around and all of that is special and great and all but none of it is for anything real or logical and do you think I want to say that? I wish there was something but I can’t lie to myself deep down I always know. None of this makes any sense and we can lie to ourselves and say it’s just passion and love and that’s the reason we are doing stupid things to try and be with each other but that doesn’t really justify any of it or make any of it work for us or even a good idea lol. And don’t you think it hurts me a lot to have this realization?
6/26/22, 3:27 AM – druid: Don’t you think I wish anything else were to be true cuz I think you’re the most special person I ever met but I’m a fucked up mess and I rather not do something bad to you more than I already have. I don’t need any more things to keep me up at night I have enough already
6/26/22, 3:28 AM – druid: I’m sorry if that seems cold and I won’t deny that it is but I can’t help the way I am
6/26/22, 3:29 AM – druid: I do love you I hope I can see you again someday
6/26/22, 3:29 AM – druid: And can forgive me for being a piece of shit
6/26/22, 3:29 AM – druid: You said it yourself we both have a lot of problems and this helped me realize that
6/26/22, 3:36 AM – druid: I didn’t mean to yell at you on the phone I’m just upset right now. If you want to talk about it we can talk I won’t get mad anymore
6/26/22, 2:33 PM – jasmine: I just got off of work.
6/26/22, 3:05 PM – jasmine: Did you want to talk about anything? If there is nothing else I would rather we cut contact.

One response to “Never Forget”

  1. If you are having conversations like this with anyone in your life, you’re in an abusive relationship and you need to leave.