Welcome to DDR Exotic!

DDR Exotic is an interactive online dance game inspired by the 1998 Konami classic Dance Dance Revolution. However, instead of executing dance movement through guided arrows on a metal platform, you the viewer must now dance like you’ve never danced before.

DDR Exotic takes inspiration from Vinyasa yoga combined with exotic dance, classical ballet, hip hop and contemporary. The goal is to get fit and express yourself in ways unimaginable.

DDR Exotic consists of 7 modes:

Training Mode – A detailed step-by-step instruction of basic moves and how to execute certain routines.

Beginner Mode – A brief introduction to sensual movement.

Light Mode – A slow, breathing-centric mode through guided meditation.

Standard Mode – A moderate to fast pace routine.

Expert Mode – An exotic routine requiring heels or a pole.

Heavy Mode – A high-intensity choreo pushing you to breathe heavy.

Challenge Mode – A dance routine containing a key move you must unlock.

One thought on “【DDR EXOTIC】

  1. I created【DDR EXOTIC】to combine my love of rhythmic video games with my love of physical therapy. I believe that to heal the mind it is also important, if not more so, to heal the body and the key to a healthy body starts with healthy blood. Since the lymphatic system requires movements against gravity in tandem with a functioning circulatory system, natural rhythmic movement is one of the core tenants to strengthening the immune system and in turn, the rest of the body, but especially that pump-muscle we call a heart.